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We do a lot of digital work, so you’re right if you think we spend a lot of time looking at computer and mobile screens. If you think that’s ALL we do, the video below will prove you wrong.

What is Defero?

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Spoiler alert: it’s a dynamic group of forward thinking leaders, strategists, writers, artists, and more, all united by a passion for delivering results and making clients look good!







Associate Account Director

Amanda came to Defero in 2015 all the way from Florida, bringing the Southern charm and sunshine along with her. This former cheerleader is the most organized person in the office, so naturally she organizes many of the office celebrations and activities that keep our team going.

Account Specialist

  Frankie may not be tall, but she’s certainly not short on enthusiasm and positivity! She tackles every challenge with a smile with an incredible ability to make others smile, too. This adventurous hiker has a passion for writing that’s almost as strong as her love of tacos, the ocean, and bell bottom jeans.

Account Director

Craig won’t sleep until every account is running smoothly and all of his Apple Watch rings are closed. He’s known for finding new ways to raise the bar at Defero without taking himself too seriously. He is, however, pretty serious about his Philly sports teams and hiking with his cavapoo, Doc.

Working at Defero is like finally getting to paint in color, after a lifetime of only knowing black and white. You're surrounded by creative minds that push your imagination to new depths... that's Defero.

- Frankie
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