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We do a lot of digital work, so you’re right if you think we spend a lot of time looking at computer and mobile screens. If you think that’s ALL we do, the video below will prove you wrong.

What is Defero?

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Spoiler alert: it’s a dynamic group of forward thinking leaders, strategists, writers, artists, and more, all united by a passion for delivering results and making clients look good!







Clyde Sedgwick - Chief Agency Officer
Chief Agency Officer

Clyde is one of the OG Deferoans, leading the team onward and upward since the very start. He has a wealth of knowledge spanning from web development and project management to finding the world’s best craft beers and making his own sun tea. His rock-steady demeanor serves him well in the office and on the golf course.

Digital Media Strategist

Senior Director, Development

There’s no development project Billy can’t handle. Just when we think there’s only one way to develop a killer website, email, or automated widget, he throws a curveball and finds a better, faster way to get the job done. It’s a skill he first learned during his days as a pitcher in the Minor Leagues.

I worked at Defero for 2 years as an intern before graduating and becoming a full time employee, and I couldn't imagine better people to learn from and grow with. Not only did I find people to mentor me, I found some of my favorite people I've ever known. This agency really does become your family and mine truly is the best around.

- Brooke
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